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New construction and renovation of institutional projects is today becoming more and more complex. Ever-changing high-technology and increasingly uncompromising codes re-write the book of construction daily. Indeed, the only way to keep up is to utilize a contractor that is dedicated to providing the finest work in it's narrowly segmented construction niche.

That is why, by definition, Florida's foremost electrical contractor is Doyle Electric Services, Incorporated. Although based in Tampa, Florida, Doyle handles electrical contracting throughout the state of Florida. The firm is in demand because it offers an important component for today's special construction projects - a team of electrical specialists uniquely qualified and experienced in the multifarious fields of building health care, industrial and commercial facilities.

Since the 1960's the name Doyle and electric has been synonymous in the construction that created modern Tampa and it's surrounding areas. Operating under the name Doyle Electric Services, Incorporated since 1987, the new company has acquired an equally stellar reputation for being uniquely experienced. Boasting over 100 years of collective top personnel experience, the company is considered even by the competition to be the best in the tough health care, high voltage and industrial project areas. Doyle Electric Services' ever-growing list of successful AHCA Final Inspections and job start-ups is the foundation of it's reputation for treating the customer right and completing good work on time.

State-certified as an unlimited electrical contractor, Doyle Electric Services is committed to the continuing education of its personnel to ensure that it remains highly qualified in its areas of specialization. In addition, Doyle Electric Services is diligent in its efforts to attend every AHCA convention, industrial seminar and training session related to the electrical needs of the industrial and health care industries. The company's efforts to remain highly qualified in such high-tech areas as health care have earned it not only continuing business, but awards as well. Doyle has been honored with an "Excellence in Construction Award" for numerous projects over the last 18 years.

Doyle Electric Services is committed to being a specialist in the highly-skilled health care areas. This dedication to provide only the highest quality on the most intricate projects is why Doyle is in demand by companies requiring both new construction and renovations. In fact, the many long-term relationships enjoyed by the firm is testimony to its dedication to quality. In addition, owners, general contractors and construction managers prefer to work with the highly trained craftsmen of the Doyle Team as part of their team, looking out for the common good of the entire project. Doyle Electric Services - the defining factor in successful electrical assignments.

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