30 Years and the Electricity is Still There

Over 30 years, the Doyle name has been at the forefront of the electric industry based on our reputation of service, capabilities, and price competitiveness.

New construction and renovation of institutional projects is today becoming more and more complex.

Ever-changing high-technology and increasingly uncompromising codes re-write the book of construction daily. Indeed, the only way to keep up is to utilize a contractor that is dedicated to providing the finest work in it’s narrowly segmented construction niche.

That is why, by definition, Florida’s foremost electrical contractor is Doyle Electric Services, Incorporated. Although based in Tampa, Florida, Doyle handles electrical contracting throughout the state of Florida. The firm is in demand because it offers an important component for today’s special construction projects – a team of electrical specialists uniquely qualified and experienced in the multifarious fields of building health care, industrial and commercial facilities.